We campaign on a wide variety of local issues, with the focus shifting over time in response to external factors and the interests of our members.  If you would like to get involved or help with a campaign we can offer support and also have access to resources from Friends of the Earth.  Why not join us – campaigning can be fun and the more members we have the more we can achieve.

Below are a selection of campaigns that we are, or have recently been, involved with.  You can follow our current campaigns on our social media pages.

Air Pollution

Highlighting the high level of air pollution in the Borough, primarily caused by traffic, and demanding action (like measures to encourage active travel or prevent idling) to reduce it.

Climate Change

Urging Residents, businesses and authorities to step up to the challenge of the Climate Emergency and take immediate action to substantially cut emissions.


Encouraging residents to avoid using peat-based products and asking garden centres not to stock them.

Food Waste

Highlighting the issue of food waste and its impact on the climate and food security to cut waste and encourage the use of home and municipal composting.

Sustainable Business

Championing local businesses who have taken significant steps to reduce their impact on the environment through our Green Richmond Guide

Heathrow expansion/aviation

Challenging the expansion of aviation due to its impact on the climate, air pollution, noise and traffic generation.


Protecting and enhancing local wildlife, including bees.