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Current consultation – ULEZ expansion to cover the whole of London

The Mayor is proposing to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone to make it London-wide with effect from 29 August 2023. This is expected to help improve air quality and public health, tackle the climate emergency and reduce traffic congestion across Greater London. The motoring lobby groups are claiming that it’s unfair to ask families struggling with the cost of living crisis to pay the levy or upgrade their cars. However it’s also unfair that average NO2 concentrations in London are 25% higher in the most deprived neighbourhoods, many of which are within the proposed ULEZ boundaries. Despite often not owning a car, low-income households are more likely to live near a busy, polluted road and therefore to suffer from the adverse effect of toxic air.

You can respond in a few minutes by completing the online questionnaire which links from this page or by emailing The consultation closes on 29th July.